Support Us!

Thank you!

Thank you for purchasing the Minneapolis Presents 14-month calendar from our friends, including Sunrise Cyclery. Grease Rag Ride & Wrench sincerely appreciates your support.  It is helping us do great things for our community.

This first fundraiser has ended, but there are other ways that you can support us.


$Money$ is one thing that you can donate, but there are other ways for you to give to Grease Rag. We would love to see donations of your skills, materials, and other goods, too!

Graphic design, Kinko’s copy card, paper for handbills, stickers, buttons, baked goods, beer, prizes (blog giveaways, for people that attend our events, incentives to attend organizing meetings), tools, safety equipment (lights, a helmet or two, reflective material), books and manuals… you get the idea.

If you have other ideas, or are an organization that would like to make a donation of goods or staff time, please email us at

Volunteer your time

Come in during Grease Rag and help facilitate our open shop night. Do you have mechanical skills? If you are proficient at even a few simple tasks, you can share your knowledge with others.

Join us at an Expo, outdoor market, May Day, or any of the other events that we attend to get the word out about Grease Rag, and to show off that we are WTFs that are passionate about our bikes.

Contribute to our blog

More on this soon.

Join organizing discussions

Shoot us an email or join our Google Group. We post tasks that need to done and ways for people to get involved in an email that reaches everyone in the group. If you are unfamiliar with Google Groups, this post should get you started.

Attend a meeting! We do most organizing online, or during Grease Rag open shop nights. A few times a year we have a potluck or other get together where we develop our mission and vision for the next year, plan how to spend funds, or just talk about what’s going on in the group.


Showing up is everything. Come to a Grease Rag event, go on a group ride, tell a WTF friend about us, come in and share a skill, learn something and teach it to others… Ride your bike.

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