Name: Margot Kuhns-Goodnow

Age: 24

Bike: Minneapolis ride:  Schwinn, WorldSport, named Siouxsie
Boston ride:  Tomasso, named Red Hots

Riding Style: In Minneapolis, I commuted.  Now that I live where I work, I ride for fun and to check out the rest of Boston.

Why do I ride: Because I love it. It gets me from a to b, increases my strength, and makes me feel good.

My biggest challenge so far: Learning how to fix my bike by myself. I’m a little mechanically challenged, but I feel empowered when something goes wrong while I’m riding and I can fix it with the tools I have on my back without having to wheel her into a shop. I like being self-sufficient.

My future goal for cycling: Building up strength and stamina, becoming a better mechanic.

Best biking story: I don’t know if I have one yet… perhaps winning 2nd Rookie of the Year at Babes in Bikeland III.

What turns my crank about cycling: Feeling self-sufficient and empowered. I am my own goddamn engine!

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