Name: Lucille “PoorImpulseControl” Russell

Age: 29


Fall/ Summer/ Spring/ Alleycats and Touring. 2003 Baby Blue Surly Pacer named Persephone. Scott AT4 Butterfly bars for extreme dorkitude. Shimano Ultegra drive train, pedals, cranks, shifters. Velocity Arrowhead Wheels. Shimano 105 hubs. Cane Creek Headset. Selle Italia saddle (or a Brooks B-17 depending on the day). Nitto Campee rear rack with low rider mounts. Rowerrrrrrrrrrr.

Winter/Icy/Nasty/Raining Ozzie the Osprey, mid 80’s black and blue Bianchi MTN Bike. Covered in Rhinestones for extreme visability and hilarity on those long winter commutes. Studded big ass tires for riding across Lake of the Isles.

When everyone else is in the shop: Late 80s Trek Road bike named StellaStar Trekmobile. Candy apple red. Selle san marco saddle. Weisman Deep V’s (to battle those minneapolis pot holes), riser bars I found in a junk heap. Planet Bike front and rear fenders. Original SunTour downtube shifters and derailleurs.

Tweedy Rides and Afternoon summer picnics. 1965 sparkly Pink Schwinn Miss Teen. Balloon tires. 2 speed Bendix kick back hub with a coaster brake. This 40 pound sweetie is an awesomely comfy ride.

Riding Style: Rubber side down

Why do I ride: You know that feeling you get when all is right in your world? When you wake up after a perfect nights sleep to the sun falling softly on your eyelashes being serenaded by song birds? That’s the feeling I get the minute I slide onto my pedals and settle onto my saddle.

My biggest challenge so far: This summer I’ll be doing a 600 mile tour with my partner. I’ve never even thought that riding that far in succession was possible so we’ll see how it goes.  

My future goal for cycling: Success in the goal above. 🙂

Best biking story: I have so many, you’ll just have to talk to me and ask.

What turns my crank about cycling: Being strong enough to do anything. Showing up the guys who think that ladies can’t kick their asses on two wheels. The solitude of an empty icy snowy landscape and hearing the crunch of snow and ice as my tires create their own trail in these Minneapolis winters.

Anything else you’d like to share: Lets go ride bikes!

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