Italian StallionVia: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24831034@N08 / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Name: Lowrah

Age: 25

Bike: Dark green 2009 Bianchi Volpe, “Olive,” chrome and blue 1972 Bottecchia Special single speed, blue Lotus Special, “Little Miss Mixte.”

Riding Style: Commuting, just for fun- I enjoy biking to work May-November, getting groceries, bike camping, and urban adventures.

Why do I ride: I don’t have a car: I am not a good driver and I like to take short cuts through parks sometimes.  Have you ever noticed that people in cars have really cranky faces on, but when you’re on the trail and you look at the people pedaling around most of them have a big grin?

My biggest challenge so far: Going places with which I am unfamiliar.

My future goal for cycling: My goal for 2009 was to try winter biking, and I did pretty well by taking short trips almost all winter long.  I only took two weeks off from riding!  My goal for 2010 is more bike camping and short bike tours.  And 2011… cyclocross?  I would also like to build up my own bike someday.

What turns my crank about cycling: Feeling fit and fabulous, meeting other ladies that ride, SPEED!

2 Responses to Lowrah

  1. auntie melinda says:

    i LOVE this picture of you! the lake, the bike and the favored niece – glorious to look at!
    this is a really neat site – i really love the blue background with black. very cool. i will be reading more of it – just wanted to comment on this section, since its the first one i looked at!

  2. That IS an Awesome picture. I’m afraid I have a cranky face a lot when I’m driving my car – must ride bike more but live in the country so it’s a 15 mile ride to town. I did it once, though, can do it again.

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