Name: Kat McCarthy

Age: 22


My polo bike is a beater mixte frame stripped down to include merely a rear brake and a low gear ratio. This bike gets banged around a lot, so I don’t put anything fancy on it. All I need is some wheel covers for protection.

a beaut
My favorite bike, the road bike, is a hot pink Shogun from the late 80’s. It was the first bike I rode with clipless pedals, which are awesome. It’s fast, it’s small, and it’s hot fucking pink.

Winter Bike
My winter commuter is a Bianchi San Jose fixed gear with arc bars, full fenders and studded fires. It is slow going, but it gets me where I’m going safely.

Riding Style: I play hardcourt bike polo, I commute all year long, and I like to race. And I always wear my helmet.

My biggest challenge so far: I am working on my mechanic skills. Lots to learn.

My future goal for cycling: I would love to do an extended bike tour, camping and all. I’d also like to give mountain biking, cyclocross, and track racing all a try.

Best Biking Story: Riding Homie Fall Fest 2009 for the first time was an adventure. HFF is an annual off-road, urban mountain bike ride, complete with drink stops, derbys, and “feats of strength”. Considering I was riding my polo bike, I am happy that I made it the entire ride.

What turns my crank about cycling: The biking community in Minneapolis is amazing. I have met so many interesting, resourceful, and generous people though biking.

3 Responses to Kat

  1. Lowrah says:

    The photos you included in your profile are really great- I love how many different ways you enjoy riding a bike!

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