Name: Emily Goren

Age: 23

Bikes: Surly Cross Check for 18 speeds of commuting fun, Mercier Kilo fixed gear to avoid derailleur hassles and keep up in alleycat races, and a 1980’s Raleigh Olympian conversion that is taking a beating from the Minnesota winter.

Riding Style: Year-round commuting, racing, and social rides.

Why do I ride: It gets me around, doesn’t cost a lot, and keeps me active.  A really nice bike costs me less than a beater car, gas, and car insurance.  I don’t have to worry about paying for (or finding) parking in the city.  It is loads more fun than running on a treadmill.  Whenever I want to buy anything, having to haul it by bike makes me really consider if I need it or not, so it keeps my mindless consumption down.

My biggest challenge so far: Keeping my fingers and toes warm in the winter.

My future goal for cycling: To be a better cyclist and mechanic!

Best biking story: I went on a ride with two friends to Ax Man’s Surplus and the Four Firkins in St. Louis Park.  Everyone at the stores were blown out of their minds that we came all the way from downtown Minneapolis by bike.

What turns my crank about cycling: For many people, it is the most affordable and convenient way to get around Minneapolis.


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