Photo via Charlotte

Name: Charlotte

Age: 21 years old

Bike: I ride a fixie- Technicum frame with a sweet 80’s color scheme of teal, hot pink, and gray. With hot pink keyboard grips!

Riding Style:  I commute to school, errands, entertainment, and wherever else my bike takes me. I also like to race alley-cats, drag-races, cross country mountain biking, urban trick riding… Sometimes I’m a little competitive with cars when I ride. I like to show people that bikes can be just as fast as cars in traffic.

Why do I ride:  I ride because I like being able to interact with the city as I get places.  I like being able to see people, and for people to see me while I ride my bike. You are so much more open to interacting with other people on a bike than in a car.

My biggest challenge so far: Getting back on my bike after a big fall.

My future goal for cycling: My short term goal for biking is to build a mountain bike and get back mountain biking. My long term goal is to visit different places around the world and see what women are doing on bikes.  I want to bike with women on every continent in my lifetime!

Best Biking Story: While I was living in Quito, Ecuador I organized a series of all women’s alley-cats (Carishinas en Bici represent!). After one of the races a woman came up to me and told me that the race had changed her life.  She had only ever ridden recreationally until she was forced to ride in traffic for the race.  She said that she thought she couldn’t ride in traffic until the adrenaline of the race forced her too.  It was one of the coolest moments of my life to see someone’s eyes light up because she realized she could do something she had thought was impossible.

What turns my crank about cycling: I think that biking has the capacity to change the world.

6 Responses to Charlotte

  1. Lowrah says:

    Welcome, Charlotte! I definitely hope you tell us more about Carishinas en Bici, and the alley cats in Quito!

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  4. Sven says:

    So when are you going to come play polo with us?

  5. carishinainstpaul says:

    the next saturday i’m in town!

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