Name: Cayla

Age: 26

Bike: 1 80’s schwinn prelude(my road bike. It IS nice to have gears sometimes), 1 built-up Raleigh technium. This is my main commuter. It’s a fixed gear conversion and I really like it (It is geared down so I can go a nice and easy pace with my lady.) 1 raleigh winter beater (also fixed), 1 old trek mt bike that is now a polo bike-simple, but strong(or so I think) and 1 vintage (orange!) 3-speed that is nice for cruising around on. I know, I have too many bikes. my girlfriend is always telling me that.

Riding Style: Well, I commute (most of the time), I enjoy racing alleycats and I play bike polo. I dunno what that says about my style.

Why do I ride: Riding a bike has always been about freedom for me. I know everyone says that, but I suppose there is a reason for that. I enjoy feeling like I am in control, I like pushing myself, I like not having to pay for gas all the time, and I like that is brings together this great community in Mpls.

My biggest challenge so far: Physically, the All-City this past year (2009) was a beast for me, but it was also the first time I placed third in an alleycat, so I guess all the hard work paid off.

My future goal for cycling: Just keep going-keep riding, keep learning how to do my own repairs, keep racing, score more goals in polo…you know, the works.

Best biking story: I did a 4 day ride from Mpls to Duluth and back. I had never done more than maybe 30 miles. And the guys I was with had never toured(to say the least.) We survived a few massive thunderstorms (thanks to the Lions Club in pine city), crazy-ass farm dogs chasing us at full speed, my road (NOT TOURING!) bike getting beat the hell up, meeting up with the MS150 and about 5 million other riders on the trail, among other things. BUT, for my first real tour, it was an amazing challenge to overcome.

What turns my crank about cycling: Lots of things. Mpls is a great place to ride a bike. the people here are great, the shops are great, the races are fun and it seems like everyday someone new starts riding. I love that one simple but amazing machine (like a bicycle) can bring ladies ( or people) together. I love that.


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