MBC Happy Hour Discussion: Engaging New Cyclists

April 17th, 6-8PM
The Republic 7-Corners
221 Cedar Ave. S.

I am pleased to announce that Grease Rag will be speaking on a panel with Full Cycle and Cycles for Change about “Engaging New Cyclists,” in a happy hour discussion hosted by Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.

I (Low) will be speaking for 5-10 minutes about what we do at Grease Rag to engage new cyclists.   Joining me is a GR participant, our friend Eleonore Wesserle.  Eleonore learned how to ride a bike just last year, and I am so excited for her to share her perspectives on barriers and overcoming them.

I hope to see you at the event, come early if you’d like to take advantage of happy hour, which ends at 6pm.

Learn more by visiting the Facebook event and the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition blog post.

UPDATE 4/17/2012:  Eleonore will be celebrating her 1 year bike-iversary with a party after the Happy Hour Discussion, at Republic!  Join us in celebration!

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Riding with Kidlets- Call for contributors

Hey mamas!

We would like to start a new feature called “Riding with Kidlets,” and we need contributions from WTFs that have experience riding with children.

We want moms, aunties, caretakers, and others that ride with kids (infants to pre-teens?) to share their stories.  Your voice will provide encouragement to other childcare providers that ride or want to start riding with kids.  We know it is possible… how do you make it happen?

Although we all know a lot of spectacular dads that are out there riding with kids, we really want to hear WTFs talk about their experiences.  That said, please pass this along to WTFs you think would be interested in sharing their stories.  The more the merrier!

I am including some additional information below the break if you are interested in participating.

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4/5 Grease Rag- Uptown

Grease Rag is this Thursday, April 5th!
(This event takes place the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month)

Wrench with us at Sunrise Cyclery (901 W. Lake St. at Bryant Ave.) 7-9PM.

GROUP RIDE!  It’s spring, and Kat is excited to lead this season’s group rides from 6-7, starting at Midtown Freewheel on the Greenway.

Grease Rag NE will be April 10th.

Grease Rag wants you to know…

Singletrack Sistahs are doing their first rides at Theo 4/9 and Hillside 4/10

Bike a little, bike a lot, bike everyday.  #30daysofbiking

Volunteer for Heart of the Beast Theatre’s May Day Parade and Festival!!  Volunteer with Grease Rag!

STICKERS are here and at Sunrise for a suggested donation of $1!  Get ’em while they’re hot.

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Lucette Gilbert

I am not posting this video because Lucette Gilbert is a “little old lady” on a bike.  I’m posting this video because she is a woman that rides her bike for fun and transportation, and because I like her attitude!

“People say, ‘Oh you’re still biking,’ which I find offensive.  When I can’t bike anymore, my body will tell me. But my body keeps telling me, ‘Go for it!  Good for you!'”

Bicycles can free you!  (At any age.)

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Singletrack Sistahs Facebook Group (mtb)

There’s a new Facebook group of women that mountain bike together called Singletrack Sistahs.

First ride at Theo is April 9 at 4p!
First ride at Hillside is April 10 at 6!

2012 all-girl group rides:
(beginning this spring)
Mon’s 3:30-4-ish at Theo
Tues’s 6 pm at Hillside
Wed’s 6 p.m. at Elm Creek
Thurs’s 9:30 am at Elm Creek

Sue described the group for me:

We’re a mountain biking group for chicks of all kinds who either ride dirt or want to learn how. We’re starting some group rides this spring anyone can jump in on. Mountain biking is pretty different from regular riding in terms of technique etc, and having the right bike makes it much easier/more comfortable too. If anyone wants to join our group you are very welcome, and if anyone has any questions about getting started mountain biking I’d be happy to answer them. You can message me. 🙂 See you out there hopefully!

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“Bike Chase” by Breezee One

This.  On repeat.

“We’re looking so fierce, so use caution on the road, oh, use caution on the road…”

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I Am Proud

Lowrah asked a wonderful question during Grease Rag introductions last week: what are you proud of (and it doesn’t have to be bike-related)?

It’s much easier to answer the question “what are you not proud of?” There are a lot of media images that tell us our bodies, our clothing, and our actions are wrong. There are attitudes from others that say “girls” aren’t strong and can’t fix bikes. There are also internal voices: I’m not proud of X, Y, and Z events from my recent life, of A, B, and C that didn’t get done, or choices D, E, and F. Pause. Stop. Think. It’s easy to get caught up in the bad things. I know there are things that I’m proud of, so it’s time to remind myself of what they are.

I’m taking on another challenge during 30 Days of Biking. I’m going to write down, somewhere, something that I’m proud of (I’m defining “proud” as “something I feel good about”). It doesn’t have to be from that day. It doesn’t have to be bike-related. And it’s ok if all I want to write down is “I’m proud that I rode my bike today.”

I’m proud of the wheel I built at Grease Rag last week, with lots of instruction and help from Jamie. Even moreso, I’m proud to be a member of such a wonderful community. I love you, Grease Rag! What are you proud of?

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