Grease Rag is generously supported by our friends

Sunrise Cyclery donates staff time, space, tools, knowledge and pretty much anything else we need. Thank you, Jamie, Shayne, and Sunrise Cyclery!
901 W. Lake St. at Bryant Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55408-2858
(612) 824-6144

The Hub at the U of M Bike Center is our latest addition to Grease Rag, in a partnership with WSAC.
401 Oak St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414
(612) 624-9468

Recovery Bike Shop hosts a Grease Rag event in Northeast Minneapolis.
2555 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418


We are extremely lucky to have so many WTF-specific rides and events in the Twin Cities. Check them out!

Freewheel Wednesday Womens Rides- A ride led by Leslie, leaving from Freewheel’s Midtown location every Wednesday, 6:00- 9:00 PM  Mid-May- October.
On the Midtown Greenway, between Chicago Ave. and 10th Ave.
(612) 238-4447

Sibley Bike Depot’s Women and Trans Night- An open shop night facilitated by female mechanics every Tuesday, 6:00- 9:00 PM  March-January.
712 University Ave. W., St. Paul
(651) 222-2080

The Hub Casual and Roadie Rides for Women- Two rides, one casual and one faster ride, leave from the Minnehaha location every Monday from April through August, every Monday 6:00- 8:00 PM

On the Grease Rag Blog
3020 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis
(612) 729-0437

Women on Wednesdays Trail Watch RideA woman-friendly ride that is part of the Midtown Greenway Coalition’s Trail Watch program every Wednesday, time changes seasonally

On the Grease Rag Blog
10th Ave., north of Lake St.
Above the Greenway at the east entrance to the Midtown Global Market

The Grease Pit Women and Trans Night- This DIY community bike shop sponsors a Women and Trans Open Shop Night every Friday night, 5:00-8:00 PM

*Our friends at the Grease Pit have found a new location at 28th and Bloomington.  We will keep you updated as we find out more!
1507 South 6th St., Minneapolis
Across the Hiawatha Trail from the Cedar Riverside light rail station

Groups and Projects

There are a variety of groups and projects that cater to WTF cyclists. Find one (or many!) that suits your fancy.

Information about WTF events like Babes in Bikeland and Women’s Night at the Velodrome can be found on our Events page. Check back frequently or subscribe to our blog to keep yourself in the know.

Dames on Frames– A local collective that produces a feminist bike zine, striving to articulate the places in which feminism and bike culture overlap.

Dudey-Free Zone– A 26-minute documentary on the importance of women’s/transgender/gender-queer bike spaces.
The film-

Minneapolis Presents is a group of four local women who love cycling and developed a project, a 14-month calendar (2010-2011) featuring local women in the cycling community, with proceeds benefiting Grease Rag.

The New Woman: The life and times of Annie “Londonderry” Kopchovsky is a documentary on one of our favorite historical figures, Annie Londonderry.  We will be screening this film after it is released in late spring, early summer 2012!

Queer Bike Gang– QBG endorses Queer political activism, sexual health advocacy, and the three R’s (reducing, reusing, and reCYCLING!) and is the host of the annual Cirque du SoGay race/ride.

On the Grease Rag Blog- Introducing: Queer Bike Gang

Wheel Sexy Cabaret– A celebration of the bicycling body inspired by our diverse Twin Cities bicycling community, WSC will feature a range of acts from burlesque, to comedy, to live music.  March 1, 8 & 9, 2012 at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

Rad Friends

These Friends don’t really fit into the categories above, but they are still super rad!

C.L.A.P.– Creative Ladies Are Powerful!  This zine is a progressive quarterly zine that celebrates women in all their various forms of creative living, featuring local art and content.  Grease Rag is a sponsor!

Minneapolis Bike Love– An online forum where bike nerds from all over the Twin Cities are able to connect.  (Now featuring a WTF forum!)

Twin Cities Runoff Online Magazine– A new progressive online magazine focusing on our vibrant Twin Cities community.  (Check out their article on the WTF scene in Minneapolis, featuring some WTFs you might recognize.)

Women’s Student Activist Collective (WSAC)– The Women’s Student Activist Collective is a University of Minnesota student group that aims to empower women, transgender, and gender non-conforming people to make positive changes in society by eliminating interrelated inequalities that produce oppression, with a focus on gender and sexuality.  WSAC sponsors the U of M Grease Rag on 2nd and 4th Thursdays.

Bedlam Theatre- A non-profit theater, restaurant, bar, and “imagination factory” that supports the local community through different projects and programming.  They have a great patio and we often have GR meetings there.

*The Bedlam Theatre no longer has a permanent space.  We had so many good meetings and fun times there.  See you soon, Bedlam!

Blogs We Like


The Bicycle Diaries– The ups and downs of a twenty-something year old gal living in the Twin Cities, Cayla’s blog covers the day to day, biking in the Twin Cities, and is a Grease Rag favorite.

Minneapolis Affair– A style and culture blog created by Wynona (photographer) and Reed (editor) that captures the quirky beautiful side of Minneapolis.  We especially love them because they have offered to take photos for our blog!  Splendid!

Update on Minneapolis Affair: Our friends Winona and Reed have disappeared, no doubt on the heels of another great photography project!

Space to Simplify– A personal blog by a car-free woman living in the Twin Cities, all about living sustainably and authentically.

Cycle Twin Cities- A blog dedicated to the events, people and places that make up the Minneapolis and St. Paul cycling community.

Other Places

Bike Skirt– Anna and Elisa are two women that bike in Birmingham, Alabama.  In skirts!

Not seeing your event or group listed? It is because we don’t know you yet! Send an email to and introduce yourself.

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