Current, present, happening!


Group rides are ON!  (April- October)

 30 Days of Biking– Bike every day in April

Regular and recurring events can be found on our Friends Page

Past Events


30 Days of Biking in April

Bike Smut, 3/2/2012

Wheel Sexy Bicycle Cabaret, 3/1, 8, 9/2012

Inter-Continental International Women’s Day Ride, 3/3/2012

Team Londonderry photo, 3/3/2012

Valentine’s Day Grease Rag, 2/14/2012

Twin Cities Bike Swap, 2/12/2012

ICE-cycles Shanty at Art Shanty Project, 1/14-2/5/2012


Krav Maga Minneapolis Bicycle Self-Defense Course for WTF, 12/18/2011

3rd Annual Winter Skill Share, 11/22/2011

First U of M Grease Rag, 11/10/2011

3rd Annual Winter Skill Share, 11/6/2011

Girls Gone Grumpy, 11/5/2011

Queer Bike Gang Halloweenie Costume Cruise, 10/29/2011

Introduction to Bike Polo, 10/22/2011

Cirque du SoGay, 10/1/2011

The Hub Co-op’s Women’s Appreciation Month Events, October, 2011

Sunrise Workday, 9/29/2011

Dinner & Bikes Tour, 9/25/2011

Post-Race Picnic Poltuck, 9/11/2011

Babes in Bikeland 5, 9/10/2011

Powderhorn 24, 8/12- 8/13/2011

Bicycle Film Festival, 7/21- 7/24/2011

Women’s Intro Track Night at the Velodrome, 7/13/2011

First Grease Rag NE, 6/14/2011

Open Streets Ciclovia on Lyndale, 6/12/2011

Grease Rag NE Kick-Off Ride and Party, 6/11/2011

Solidago Bombago, 6/9- 6/10/2011

Bike Walk Week’s Womens Wednesday, 6/1/2011

Minneapolis Affair Photoshoot, 5/26/2011

Women’s ONLY Track Night at the Velodrome, 5/11/2011

Active Living Bike Expo, 4/25- 4/30/2011

Bikini Bike Wash Benefit, 4/30/2011

Audrey Hull Memorial Ride, 4/27/2011

Free Learn-To-Bike Classes in Seward, 4/17 & 4/24/2011

Bike Feminism course through EXCO, 3/26- 4/16/2011

Brrrunch and Buck$ meeting at Casa de Grease Rag, 3/20/2011

Minneapolis Affair Photoshoot, 3/18/2011

Crrraft-luck at Casa de Grease Rag, 2/11/2011

Salute to the Winter Commuter Week, 1/31- 2/4/2011


2nd Annual Winter Maintenance Skill-Share, 11/21/2010

Minneapolis Presents Calendar Release Party, 11/12/2010

The Hub Bicycle Co-Op’s Women’s Appreciation Night, 10/9/2010

Bike Walk Ambassadors Fall Womens Clinic and Ride Series, 9/28/2010- 10/2/2010

Cirque du So Gay II, 10/2/2010

Potluck Picnic- Meet, greet, eat! 9/19/2010

Babes in Bikeland 4, 9/18/2010

EXTREME Makeover Work Day at Sunrise Cyclery, 9/6/2010

September No Name Race, 9/5/2010

Women and Trans Basic Bike Maintenance Class, 8/10- 8/31/2010

WTF Night at Bicycle Film Festival 7/17/2010

Bicycle Film Festival at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for Bike Night 7/15/2010

Biking in a Box 6/22- 6/28/2010

Pedal Party in a Box 6/25/2010

Women’s Day of Bike Walk Week 6/9/2010

Women’s Track Night at the Velodrome in Blaine 5/12/2010

Stupor Bowl XIII 2/6/2010

Grease Pit’s Dark nights, Bright Lights, Savory Delights Alley Hat Ride 1/23/2010


Winter Maintenance Session- 11/19/2009, Follow-up

Girls Gone Grumpy- 2009 Winter Edition 11/7/2009

Babes in Bikeland III 9/19/2009

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