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Lucette Gilbert

I am not posting this video because Lucette Gilbert is a “little old lady” on a bike.  I’m posting this video because she is a woman that rides her bike for fun and transportation, and because I like her attitude! … Continue reading

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“Bike Chase” by Breezee One

This.  On repeat. “We’re looking so fierce, so use caution on the road, oh, use caution on the road…”

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So many things wrong with this video, Trek

I was watching video of Le Tour on YouTube, and I got bored and started looking for videos of pro women’s races, and then I got distracted by a shiny marketing video for a popular road bike, and then somehow … Continue reading

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Dudey-Free Zone is now available online

I can’t believe I didn’t post about this before, but sometimes I post on Facebook and forget to make a proper blog post about it.  Cool story, I know. Dudey-Free Zone is a 26-minute documentary on the importance of women’s/transgender/gender-queer … Continue reading

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Bicycle Film Festival- Submissions Due April 1

No foolin’, get your bicycle movies submitted to BFF for BFF 2012 by April 1! Bicycle films will be shown at the free Minneapolis Institute of Arts annual Bike Night, which is the kick-off event for a series of screenings … Continue reading

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It’s your (gendered) ride

Nothing like a short film, used to advertise a tire brand, to remind you to conform to a gender stereotype. The film starts out with the dude putting on his new branded tires, and the woman is having her tires … Continue reading

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“If I Ride”

1:20 video poem from People For Bikes, “If I Ride.” “…and I won’t be a boy, or a girl, I’ll just be ‘a rider.’” “If I ride, I will be strong.  I will change tires myself.”

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