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International Women’s Day

Our Inter-Continental International Women’s Day ride was so fabulous. It was awesome seeing all of your different bikes and bags and getups, riding in a WTF gang, and hanging out at the Angry Catfish together. Oh, and donuts! Here’s a … Continue reading

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23 this morning, with a little wind

I haven’t done one of these in awhile. Helmet, fleece piece over my head and ears, wool bandana around my mouth, acrylic scarf, REI lightweight synthetic baselayer, wool sweater, long wool striped gloves from Ibex, Woolrich wool knickers, Ibex wool … Continue reading

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Best Bike Stories of 2011

ArtCrank did a really cool feature on fan-submitted “Best Bike Stories of 2011.” There were stories from Kat Fowler at Thank You For Seeing Me, Loretta Trevino (Seattle) and Leah Preble wrote about Babes in Bikeland, Anna Dorenboos wrote about RAGBRAI, … Continue reading

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Not that you asked, but this is what I’m wearing today

This is the exciting time of year when you can say, “Today was the coldest day this winter!” everyday. This was my coldest commute since March!  And I was ready.  How about you? My chic attire for a 19 (with … Continue reading

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Grease Rag- U of M Bike Center

Spanish, Amelia and Ben from the Hub did a great job with the first U of M Grease Rag!  GR-Uptown regulars Buzo and Eleonore and I were there, along with some really nice folks from the U of M’s Women’s … Continue reading

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Happy Friday

This morning I started out as the sun was lighting up the sky, the clouds were reflecting purple and pink and orange and yellow.  Leaves fluttered around my head from the trees above the Greenway, my tires crunched through drifts … Continue reading

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Sunrise Workday- Smashing success!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of the fine, fine people that came to our workday at Sunrise last night. I am so touched by the fact that people are willing to get together and get … Continue reading

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