Grease Rag in the Southwest Journal

Big thanks to Alleen at the Southwest Journal!  She took an interest in the Grease Rag and after coming to an open shop night, we had the opportunity to gab about the ‘Rag at Modern Times a few weeks ago.  She turned our conversation into a lovely feature that is really positive, and features some of your voices.  I love the perspective, I hope you’ll give it a read.

Pass the Wrench by Alleen Brown

JJ Kahle’s been coming to Grease Rag since September. In February, she finished building her first bike. She said she likes that Grease Rag invites WTFs into the back of the bike shop, which tends to be a boy’s club, even in Minneapolis. “For some reason you’re treated like you don’t exist or like your somebody’s mom or somebody’s sister,” she said. “So I like that it de-centers that whole idea that you have to be kind of an alpha male in order to work on bikes.”
“Z,” a Sunrise salesperson and new frequenter of Grease Rag said in the past, she mostly rode with dudes. “I always, always, always had to prove that I could be one of the guys,” she said. “In this case, it doesn’t matter.”

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