Riding with Kidlets- Call for contributors

Hey mamas!

We would like to start a new feature called “Riding with Kidlets,” and we need contributions from WTFs that have experience riding with children.

We want moms, aunties, caretakers, and others that ride with kids (infants to pre-teens?) to share their stories.  Your voice will provide encouragement to other childcare providers that ride or want to start riding with kids.  We know it is possible… how do you make it happen?

Although we all know a lot of spectacular dads that are out there riding with kids, we really want to hear WTFs talk about their experiences.  That said, please pass this along to WTFs you think would be interested in sharing their stories.  The more the merrier!

I am including some additional information below the break if you are interested in participating.

These are some ideas about what our readers might like to learn from “Riding with Kidlets,” please feel free to add your own questions or insights in the comments section.  These are just suggestions, we are into free-form expression and are very low-pressure over here at Grease Rag, so don’t feel like you need to conform.  Nonconformists are preferred.  ;]

  • Introduce yourself
    • What’s your name, do you haul your kids on your bike, or do they ride their own, what kind of bike do you ride, what kind of riding do you typically do, how old/ what size are your kids…?
  • Write a few sentences, multiple posts, a long essay, shoot a video of your interpretive dance, whatever!
    • Tell a story, give advice discuss dangers/ perception of danger, talk about why you bike with your kids, a difficult ride, favorite destinations or routes, winter riding, riding at night, benefits of riding with your child (if you can count them!), strategies for riding with more than one child, teaching children how to ride a bike/ how to bike in public, how to motivate kids to want to ride…
  • Resources
    • Is there a shop that treats your right, a blog that inspires you, or a book you found helpful?  Local and WTF-specific resources are tops!
  • Share a photo
    • You don’t need to identify yourself, but it might be nice to share a photo of you and your family out and riding, or at least a photo of your bike setup!
Contact me at greaseragmpls@gmail.com for anything, anything at all.

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I'm happy to be a co-organizer for www.greaserag.org. My avatar is courtesy Photos8.com, Creative Commons licensed: http://www.photos8.com/little_boy_ride_bicycle-wallpapers.html
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3 Responses to Riding with Kidlets- Call for contributors

  1. Lowrah says:

    Dorie from Hum of the City submitted a list of her favorite BWK blogs. None of them are local to the Twin Cities though. Anyone have a favorite local blog resource for riding with kids?

    Family Ride: the oldest–since 2008!
    A Simple Six
    Car free with kids
    Full hands: check out the Ride Familes Ride t-shirts
    Girls and Bicycles: blogger is a mom, and pregnant, and bike commuting in Edmonton

  2. Dana D says:

    I love http://www.totcycle.com, but he hasn’t updated it in a while.

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