Happy birthday!

Grease Rag turns one today!

Mmmm Cupcakes!!!
Via: http://www.flickr.com/photos/m500/ / CC Attribution 2.0

Special birthday shout-outs to Dr. Durkee in SF, Jamie and Shayne +crew at Sunrise Cyclery, our skill-share facilitators, volunteer organizers (KatMargoat!  MA!  BruzoLeeSusanNickel!  …too many to list here!), and most of all Grease Rag would like to shout out to the women/ trans/ femmes that come in on every 1st and 3rd Thursdays and make this thing happen.

In the past year we’ve created this blog, taught each other about riding in the winter, vehicular cycling and roadside repair.  You came for open shop nights twice a month ALL YEAR LONG to teach and learn about bicycle mechanics.  We’ve had the opportunity to ride together on group rides, and there’s never a shortage of events for us to get down/ race/ eat cupcakes. If you missed any of this,we’ve done some documenting along the way.

We consider ourselves fortunate that we have so many friends and allies– It is amazing that we have been able to sustain Grease Rag for a year solely on your donations, time, and kindness.

Mosaic 3/6/2010

Here’s to another year!  We will be benefiting from a sweet calendar project, racing in Babes in Bikeland, collaborating with other women and trans groups, and keepin’ on with our 1st and 3rd Thursdays.

So… Is anyone interested in having a party?

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